Hearts Interior Design & Giftware

Positioned in the centre of the marketplace in the pretty market town of Easingwold, North Yorkshire we have a spacious shop filled with gorgeous finds. We offer an eclectic mix of ever changing products, we have a special something to suit everyone, as well as a  fabulous range of ladies clothing, shoes and jewellery...so come in and try them on! Our atmosphere is relaxed and we encourage people to browse at their own pace. We're lucky enough to have a great team of staff. Regularly Beth and Lydia are around, Helen and Danielle are both full time so you are likely to see them too and will be happy to help. 

Additionally we have a hair salon, beauty room and gents barber all under one roof!!

If it's advice on the design side you require then please ring to make sure the right person will be around to assist. Contact us today if you have a room that needs sprucing up!